Monday, April 11, 2011

Back from the dead.

Wow. Good thing I never actually wrote it down that I was going to update once a week because that would have been embarrassing. I have a lot of excuses though; not only was I busy with clothes for Riazan but I also got myself a translation gig, the deadline of which I managed to push to Monday after the game. The fever set in on Monday night and oh boy have I had a fun week since! I'll spare you the details but I'm slowly recovering and today I'm even able to form entire thoughts and sentences, as you can see for yourselves, and even better, lift and move my hands enough to type them down in a satisfactorily accurate manner.

So, where were we? Riazan, right. As it turned out I didn't have time to take my sewing machine to be serviced and my housemate's Pretty Woman at the very least needs its bobbin screw, which I couldn't find, tightened so I ended up sewing all the visible stitches by hand. As a direct result I didn't finish the green coat at all and went with just the apron and lots of layers. Luckily it was warm, but I wouldn't be surprised if first sweating indoors and then wearing no actual outer garments and getting my boots and socks wet twice in the forest had something to do with the flu that followed. The curse of Koschei indeed.

I did iron it, before the game.
Here are some pictures from before the game, the only ones that have been linked so far. Some of the costumes were insanely gorgeous and I felt very plain, but that was appropriate for my character whose clothes were, after all, the ones that had been buried under the floor of the house of her Chinese husband (who thought she was a crane maiden) for years before she managed to find her way home. With a fake plait I think I looked very much like the inspiration for my character, though instead of Beautiful or Wise I reckon she had earned the name Wily. I had heaps of fun, in case you can't tell.

I think I've had enough exercise for now. Time to pass out for a while, but I'll hopefully get back to updating before the week is out. To compensate, you know.

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