Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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The title speaks for itself, does it not? CraftyRie is compiling a list of crafty blogs to find out just how many are there. All she is asking is for people to add their blogs to the list and then spread the word to their followers. So, dear reader, do you write a craft blog? Click on the directory button below and join in the fun! Shoo!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What about when you're done?

Apparently it's the international fail day today, and I feel like a failure for not having much to report in the way of fail. Well, I did fail to go to Grandma Club (aka knit night) tonight, but instead I finished two work assignments which makes me free to dedicate tomorrow to baking and partying. Well deserved baking and partying.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about one of two big projects, and here's the other:

"Anthropomorphism, sexuality and gendered bodies in American mainstream animation" to you furriners.

Yes sir, my days as a bachelor are coming to an end. From soon on, I will have to get used to all the responsibilities that come with being a master. Of arts, no less! Prepare to be spanked!

There are pages! With words on them!

I have a strange condition: if I achieve something, suddenly the achievement ceases to be a big deal. I mean, if I can do it, it must be something ridiculously simple, right? And let's face it, I got here essentially by watching shitloads of Spongebob. But still: it was a hard journey and I try to remember that I didn't really believe I had it in me up until a couple of months ago.

And whoa: I can do whatever I want with my life now. Of course that also means I have to do something with my life now, but right now even that seems achievable. Two huge projects down, several more lined up. There will be more sweat, tears and hyperventilation to come, but if I learn a couple of lessons from this experience, it will become easier:

- First of all, if you're not proud of what you do, what exactly is the reward?

- Second, the lesson of the fail day should be that it's okay to try and fail, because that way lies learning and innovation (damn I've learned to hate that word), but honestly? Today all I can think about is that I did not fail. I thought I would, and I didn't.

- And third, give yourself a fucking break every once in a while, sheesh!

For the record, that is what a break looked like last night. Pay no attention to the fact that I have yet another new teapot. *cough*it'sonlymyfourth*cough*

Oh, right, I did say something about a knitting pattern last week, didn't I? Well, to your utter shock I presume, I was too busy playing role playing games through Friday to Tuesday. Just put that on your list of betrayed promises, but with a ticky-box so that you can feel the faint trace of satisfaction when I actually get around to it. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Showing off

Regular updates you say? This is a step in the right direction, I suppose, even though a week seems to fly past so quickly!

Let me show you things I've neglected to report about. Roxanne mystery shawl (links to Rav), for instance? It's been finished and in use since May. First I thought I wasn't so keen on the design, but it looks very nice draped around one's neck, and that's what small shawls are really for, right? It's also a tiny bit smaller than I'd like, but on the other hand works perfectly on these autumn days when one wants just a little more warmth. I'm definitely using it on a daily basis at the moment.

What else? Ah yes! The owl pouch (links to Rav) has a face now, and lives on my bedside table. It was a very quick knit and a good way to use a skein of spontaneously acquired thick-and-thin yarn (Løve Garn's Cocoon which, by the way, drives me crazy because my English-thinking brain reads it as a whimsical way of writing 'love' even though I know full well that the word has nothing to do with English) I was going to make mittens with but changed my mind. Now there's still three more skeins left... Ideas? Besides more owls?

Geodesic cardigan, which you've already seen blocked, has not been used much. I'm not sure why, really. I think it's because it's such an in-between article of clothing: too warm for warm weather, but not warm enough if I actually need a cardigan. It's main purpose is to look good, and I'm not used to wearing clothes like that. I might have to, though, because today I fell in love with a waistcoat and what is a waistcoat for if not show?

I did wear the Geodesic at my mom's 50th birthday few weeks ago, the perfect occasion: warm autumn evening in the garden. I gave her this:

It's a small pleated evening bag made of raw silk. It has cotton lining, a magnet snap closure and ribbon embroidery. I've had the ribbons and a book on ribbon embroidery for years. I've been meaning to give it a shot, but somehow my rococo dress project has not been progressing lately. (It will, though, and sooner rather than later!) I'm glad I finally did it, it was lots of fun. I made the roses with the help of this tutorial.

For the bag I used a tutorial at crafster.org for inspiration, but ended up going in a whole different direction in the end. The only thing that remained were the pleats. I like pleats. I've tried smocking briefly and want to do more. Perhaps some rococo undergarments.

I love the golden swirls of the lining.

If I made this bag again I would change some of the construction bits taken from the tutorial for a neater result, even if it would mean a lot of pinning and basting and tearing out hair. I already managed to sew some pins inside the lining with this one...

That's it for tonight. I wonder, if I make a half-promise now that there might be a knitting pattern next week, would I actually finish it? Hasn't worked before.