Sunday, March 20, 2011

When you have nothing to say, compensate with pictures!

This week has been more about planning things and less about actually finishing anything. Annoying, especially when the not finishing part is because of technical difficulties and indecisiveness. First my new ink cartridge refused to work and I have to wait for a new one. Next I found out that my sewing machine is making a brutal sound even though I've only used it once since oiling it thoroughly. I think it needs to be serviced. After all I got it for my 18th birthday which means two things: first of all it has served me for 11 years without complaint, and secondly I feel really really old.

Say hello.
I better get it to a shop next week because things need to be sewn. Luckily I have another sewing machine I can use for everything my serger cannot handle. This absolutely adorable one on loan from my housemate:

Riazan is approaching fast and I'm very conflicted about what I want to wear. I have bits and pieces and none of them go together very well. I already made a pair of Really Big Pants out of black cotton/linen from a thrift store and then I found this gorgeous old curtain here that really wants to become a Bilibin-inspired coat:

Yes, it's woven and the colors are reversed on the other side.

To makes things easier, I also found this pillowcase with beautiful embroidery just dying to decorate a blouse or a dress:

Sometimes the best things also cost 50 cents.

What is even more helpful is that what I really, really want to use that pillowcase for is this apron:

Except that I'm not sure how black pants, a white apron and a green-yellow coat are ever going to live in harmony. Maybe a short-sleeved apron so that the coat gets more screen time? And of course I have this purple coat and hat I made for the last medieval Russian adventure and could easily use:

For the record, I was running a high fever and drugged senseless when this pic was taken

Oh, and my character could also incorporate Chinese and Mongolian elements in her dress. Head, meet desk. Looks like I'll just make ALL THE THINGS and then decide which ones look best together.

Among all these other things I hope I get the printer to work soon because I have a special in mind. Here's a teaser:

Teasers gonna tease.


  1. Pretty Woman ja kissa :D

  2. Se on viime kesältä kun tehtiin kahdella ompelukoneella Glorianan kamppeita. Kissa nukkui niiden välissä ja tärisi, siis silloin kun ei tunkenut päätään väliin :)