Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Perfect matches

These mitts have been finished since October, but only ended up with their new owner last week. My friend J lost one of his favorite mitts and asked me to make a new one. Miraculously, I found the perfect yarn in the first store I visited. I decided against choosing an off-white base yarn; the new one will get appropriately dirty soon enough, I hope! It was fun to just count the stitches on an existing piece and mirroring them. I hope these two decide to stick together now, despite their age difference or the fact that the older one was so brutally dumped by its life partner.

In other news, if you ever wondered what 16 000 sequins look like - and who hasn't? - take a look at what I got in the mail today:

I'm resisting an urge to pour them all out and roll around in them naked. Let's just hope my luck in finding perfect matches continues when I go to Tallinn next week looking for some fabric to pair off with these. There's a knit around here looking for its fabric soulmate, too, so a lot of luck is needed.

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