Monday, January 16, 2012

The Floor

Because life was getting sort of non-hectic before Yule with unfinished presents, graduation, extra wrestling and burlesque, I decided to redo my flooring. The old one was painted a delightful, flaking mint that always looked dirty. The new one is deep walnut laminate and looks fucking awesome.

See the difference?
Of course this meant taking apart all the bookshelves and piling all my worldly possessions in the middle of the room and then dragging them around as the floor progressed.

All work was done under strict feline supervision.
It was well worth the trouble, though! The room which was merely nice before is now pure perfection: 25 square meters with a fireplace, sleeping alcove and beautiful smooth wood imitation floor. My home for the past three years, and hopefully many more.

Now everything has felt paws to protect the floor. I almost put some on the cats.
The whole shebang also gave me a reason to tidy things up a bit. Like rearrange my craft- and bookshelves.

This is the only way my books will fit.

The soldiers were a present. The pig is... well, I think there was a plan at some point. I think.

I have a tin box problem.
And a button problem, but you knew that already.

After a rather busy end of the year, this year I've mostly knitted. Watched TV shows and knitted. Occasionally I've even been able to call it work. Here's a couple of teasers:

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