Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giveaway results

Well, it seems that I'm a little late with this, but somehow just didn't get around to writing this yesterday. Blogger has been a bit of a bitch lately and either did not post or just plain removed a couple of comments. After pondering it for a bit I decided to count the missing comments anyway because I still had all the notifications in my mailbox. If someone changed their minds and removed their comment themselves, they won't contact me and I'll pick someone else. Seems fair, doesn't it?

As it happens, Big Cat turned six yesterday so I wanted to involve him in the raffling process. Unfortunately he wasn't really that interested in pawing pieces of paper from a hat.

"FINE, I'll sniff them! The things you make me do..."

Next I lined the tickets on my desk knowing that they wouldn't stay there for long. Little Cat indeed meddled them within the minute, but only when I turned my back so I didn't get a picture. And she only dropped three tickets. Both refused to show any interest in my stupid tickets any more, so I gave up, put the pieces in a hat and picked one myself.

"I think there's something interesting happening outside."

(That's the finished but unblocked Roxanne mystery shawl, by the way.)

Now I had four winners, but how to distribute the prizes between them? Damn, I needed more paper. And hats. Both cats had found something more interesting to do, but after a very scientific process I finally have the four winners paired with four batches of yarn named by the number on the scale.

Our winners are:

Kasia - 74 g
Julie - 155 g
Lori - 62 g
 Ambrosius - 76 g

Congratulations! Send me your address to and I'll get your packages on their way. I think I'm going to give the skeins a bit of a wash before sending them because honestly? Cat hair everywhere, plus a general thrift store rule even though they came in a sealed plastic bag. I need to block that Roxanne anyway, so I'll save you the trouble.

I'm actually already working with the yarn and leaning more and more towards cotton in my analysis. It will make a lovely light warm-weather shawl indeed. It's not a shawl I'm working on, though. Ten points to anyone who can guess what these are going to be! Cheating with my Rav projects page does not count.

I knew I had that 1,25mm hook for a reason. Okay, it's not even the smallest...

Thank you for everyone who commented with their ideas and pleas of cake! A line formed pretty quickly here and I actually ended up wishing I'd eaten more myself. Oh well, there will always be more cake. Maybe I will share the recipe at some point, I tried to do that last time but got bored.

So three months of public blogging have gone by. When I started I didn't really define what I was going to do and why.

After years and years of intent I finally went and sold some of my crafts at Ofelia market last year. It was exciting and I got asked about having a website/blog/online store a lot, so I decided to put at least one up. My friend Malike, who was there with me, came up with the name as we both share a love of the sea and its treasures, and gave me permission to use it. A website is in the works and it will feature both my crafts and my work as a translator, animator and graphic designer. All are things I do for a living - some more, some less. Right now this blog exists for me to document and share the stuff I make, and maybe in the future to promote places I'm going to be at or possible shop updates. Who knows. The main purpose is to raise my self-esteem as a crafter and remind myself that yeah, sometimes I actually do get shit done and some of it is actually quite nice and really? I have a pretty cool life.

This year is going to be different from the last few and let me just tell you that's a very promising thought. This blog is part of that. Three months is not much, but it marks a spot. Makes you keep digging for the treasure.


  1. Go go power rangers! We can has doings of stuffs! and pew pew lazorguns!

    Dude's blog has been super so far. Unlike mine that is more of a journal on bicycle nightmares ^^

  2. Hei, annoin sulle tunnustuksen! Klikkaat kuvan mun sivuilta ja panet eteenpäin, kun en itse osaa sitä tänne jakaa! Tää sun blogi on ihana! I´m a fan! Ole hyvä! Sun vuoro tunnustaa, it´s your time to confess!

  3. YAY! I am so so so happy! Thank you! I'm going to turn your beautiful yarn into something special!

    Your cats are pretty! Such a funny story of them picking up the winners :)

    Happy blogging and knitting,

  4. I'm excited, too! I am having the first-day-back-at-work-after-vacation-blues, so this makes it better! OHBOY!