Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspirational power chords

Weeks ago I visited a local flea market and I had my eyes on some old notice boards for 2€. I didn't buy one in the end, but the thought of making an "inspiration board" haunted me, so I picked one up today. They were all still there: boring, worn and unwanted.

Also pictured: flea market frames, piles of shit, Unelma the headless doll, syphilis and a melodica.

I removed one edge by repeatedly hitting it with a hammer, pulled the board out and painted the frames with cheap-o acrylic paints I had lying around. Two layers of brown and one black.

While the paint was drying I cut a piece of fabric a bit larger than the board and ironed it. I was too lazy to hem the edges so I folded and ironed them instead. Then I stapled the fabric on the board with my housemate's kick-ass stapler.

Then I just slipped the board back into the frame, showed the hammer to the missing edge again and put some nails on the wall. Yay!

Now I can pin up pretty pictures with notes saying things like "finish new website" "knit commission hats", "start a crafting blog" (oh wait, I did that already!) and "write your goddamn dissertation, bitch!".

Encouraged by this success story and the fact that I miraculously found some dowel rods I also decided to make myself a spindle, but more on that later, i.e. when I know if it's going to be a complete disaster or not.


  1. Yes what a great idea, we needs one too for the house!

  2. I love this! I have one unforgivingly ugly noticeboard hidden in my closet, but now I know just what to do with it!