Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'll be back!

Oh wow, I have really neglected this poor blog of mine. I have spent so much time doing stuff and so little time documenting it! Recently I have also tried to cut down my computer time, which was greatly helped by my trusty old MacBook Pro breaking down. Thank goodness I had pulled myself together and made a habit of backing everything up regularly, so the only loss was the hardware. Now, with a brand new slightly used MacBook Pro I am ready for internet again!

For one, I finally, finally, got around making a new professional website for myself. It's here in blogger, and you can find it at It's been a bit quiet on the work front lately and I hope to turn things around.

With the dawn of a new website, I hope to breathe some life to this blog, too. I thought I'd kickstart a new era by looking at my archives and seeing what I have been meaning to put here but haven't.

The most important thing, perhaps, is my new relationship. Meet Louise:

She's 24 years old, in excellent shape and most importantly, ridiculously cheap! I picked her up at a recycling center where they didn't even know what she was. She just needed a new drive band and we were ready to go. She's a Louet S10, know for being a trusty workhorse. I read about someone who had accidentally tossed her down a flight of stairs and she didn't even flinch! We get along famously and spend a lot of time together, but I have failed to take any pictures since this one. Now that it seems spring is finally here and there is actually some light to take pictures by, I have to remedy the situation.

In other news, I have been dancing...

© Hans Kauppila

And dancing...

And dancing...

And dancing...

Taken by Kerttu Majander

And hanging upside down...

And knitting ridiculous amounts, but alas, no pictures. Now, let's see if I can make this blogging thing a more frequent than biannual affair.

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